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Quality Business, Quality Goods

Products You Can Count On

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards in the industry, by supplying only with the very best in the market. As a leading Rice supplier, we never compromise on quality and ensure our products pass strict standards and regulations.

We guarantee our customers’ 100% satisfaction.

These high standards have resulted in the company obtaining the IFS Higher Level Food & FCA/GMP certifications.

It has been one of the cornerstones of our company that reflects in the superior quality of all the variaties of rice we bring on the market.

We are proud to source our rice from where the very best crops are grown and reputed suppliers.


With the rigorous processes in place we guarantee the quality of our brands Palmier & Ishq, and all the other variaties of rice, will be consistent in all its attributes.


We have a strategic alliance with several farmers and mills all over the world and have a complete Quality Management System from the beginning till the end under the supervision of our Quality Team.

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Quality Control

Only the Very Best Products Supplied

Our QA/QC Department extensively check each batch which is sourced  for the best quality and consistency of each grain, once it complies with our strict quality parameters then only it's approved for production, packaging and release to our customers.

The demands and needs of the modern day consumers are kept in mind as every grain of rice, that is produced, follow a pre-defined process under the close supervision of our Quality Team who ensure that only the best is brought to you.

We have a Team of experienced rice professionals including farmers who are making efforts to blend a wealth of traditional knowledge with modern know-how and technology to improve techniques.

The objectives are to improve the quality, increase outputs and lower costs. All these efforts have a direct bearing on our success.

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